Our History

The history of UNICO is a real event that took place many years ago in the life of a then few-year-old girl. It was a summer morning smelling of holidays. The sun was shining through it through the jasmine bush. Shortly after waking up, the girl wanted to leave the house to meet her friends as soon as possible. She hastily smoothed out her pajamas, tied an even bow at the neckline in it, and painted her mother’s stolen red lipstick on her lips. Running out to the yard, she met her aunt, who did not hide her indignation at seeing her niece’s outfit. She was afraid that the child would become an object of mockery if he appeared in his night clothes to the neighbors.
The brave girl, seeing nothing inappropriate in it, went out into the street in her pajamas, explaining to the surprised passers-by that it was her daytime outfit. If the inhabitants knew the history in which Paul Poiret proposed day and evening pajamas, which were a fashion craze for contemporary elegant ladies, before the First World War, it would be easier for them to understand that such pajamas for day and night are very practical, comfortable and, above all, stylish.
The story of the girl waited a long time to see the light of day. Until UNICO was established. Now, as a mature woman, she can go out in a different set every morning, regardless of the opinions of passers-by, because the models have been designed in such a way that during the day they are not associated with classic pajamas.
UNICO was born out of an inborn rebellion against the usual patterns. It was born out of the need of women who were looking for multifunctional, practical but also original solutions. Styles that work both at home and to be worn in alternative circumstances are UNICO, which combines comfort with a touch of elegance with lightness.

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